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Website Development?

Why Use A Professional Website Designer?
Every business needs a website. For some it is an essential way to gain business with direct sales on the internet. For others it can be a shop window advertising your services or products to potential clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You might consider designing your own, perhaps using one of the free design services offered by some ISPs, but these rarely give you what you really want, and in most cases are not professional in their design or functionality.

At By Design we specialise in developing professional and effective websites that work alongside your business and help you grow. Every development we undertake is unique and is designed in close collaboration with you, the business owner. We never use templates as some developers do, instead we prefer to learn all we can about your business and how it works. Then we work with you to develop the site that matches your needs, your way of working, your business.

Call us so we can discuss how we can best help you, whether it´s a small website with a few pages, or a multipage website backed with a database and offering its content in several languages.

Online Software

Why Have Software Online?
By Design have been developing software appilcations for businesses since the early 1980s. Our original products were mainly executable programs that were installed on PCs but in the early 2000s we started to move over to the cloud. An application that runs on the internet has many advantages, a few of which are listed here:

  • You can run the application from any computer that has an internet connection
  • It will always be up to date with no action required on your side
  • Data backups can be performed automatically and include redundancy to protect your information
  • You are away from the office? No problem, work on your laptop or tablet, even your phone in some cases

It is important to realise that online software is not the answer to every situation. Clearly, a reliable internet connection is needed unless an offline version of the application is available. But nowadays this is becoming the norm and the advantages of being online, especially in a company with more than one employee, far exceeds any disadvantages in most cases.

Our Founding Principal

Since our inception back in the 1980s we have always had the principle that whatever we create must fit the way of working that our clients have developed. Whether it's a database created to store business information, or a powerful cloud-based software application that runs a company, it should work in a way that is (as far as possible) a mirror of the business who are going to be using it.

Too many developments - many funded from taxes - are created to suit the designer's or developer's view of the task, with little deep analysis carried out to determine the exact needs of the client.

At By Design, we pride ourselves on creating websites and software applications that work alongside our clients' existing business practices, allowing easy uptake of the development as well as requiring little or no changes to the way the company operates.


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