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Why Consider Bespoke Software Development?
There are certain software products that are found in almost every business. These include word processors, spreadsheets, accounting software and many other applications. And for many businesses these do what is needed. But there are situations where software developed for your own business can make the difference between surviving and growing.

At By Design we have been developing software applications and tools since the 1980s. Our first product, back in 1982, was a CAD program that ran on the BBC Micro. At that time, the only CAD programs available cost thousands of pounds and needed massive computers to run them on. Novacad broke that mold. It was a fully featured tool to allow anyone to produce accurate drawings at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Schools and small businesses across the UK bought the software and it featured in many exhibitions. It even found fame in Africa, sadly as a pirated version.

In the 1980s and 90s we spent some time specialising in embedded software for hardware manufactured by third parties. Products included:

  • A ground trainer for aircrew in a Norwich based aviation company. This involved the development of some hardware interfaces as well the controlling software.
  • The software for the controller for a radio communication system. The system was sold to many companies including British Gas and several similar mobile service companies.
  • Numerous cryptographic products including algorythm testing applications.
  • Towards the end of the 1990s we were engaged to develop a software system to completely run the operations of an importing and sales company. They had only just started and had just five staff. As they grew, so did the software and within five years they were a multi-million pound company, still running on our software. The entire company including accounts was supported by our software across every department in the company and across multiple sites in the UK.

For some years now we have specialised in developing software that runs on the internet, or in the cloud as it is often called. The advantages can be enormous and include: No instalation hassles. Update once for every user. Run from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. Run on almost any device. There are situations where we would suggest an application would be better written to run natively on a PC but this is something we have not been called to develop for some time now. The world has moved into the clouds.

Current Projects
We are currently working on the final stages of a time recording and accounting app for the cloud. Its aim is to be as simple to use and as powerful as we can make it. It is in use within our own company, as well as a few carefully selected beta testers, as we iron out the bugs and add new features as people decide they are needed. We will not be releasing it until we are completely happy with it and its performance but we plan on a release during the summer of 2018. If you would like to be told when it is released please drop us an email with your email address. We are planning some interesting free offers to everyone who expresses an interest before release so act now.


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