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As a company that develops software products for businesses it is important that we keep on top of the time we spend. Many years ago we realised that this is not as easy as it seems. Hours get missed and that results in a loss of earnings. To overcome this we developed the first version of TIM (this is a working title for development). Originally it was a stand alone product that used a shared database to store the records across the company.

Over the years, we continued to develop the product but as we moved across to the cloud for software development we started work on a brand new version. Currently it is still in beta testing and we are adding new features all the time.

Our current release plans are for the summer 2017. Anyone who registers with us prior to release will be in for some extra benefits including free options so let us have your email address soon. We promise we will only use your email to let you know when you can sign up with us, and certainly never pass it on to any third party.

Total Recall
There are many times when you might want to make a note of something that you need the whole company to have access to. And this needs to be accessed easily, even after it has been stored for a long time. It might be some code used in a software company, a maths formula, a website that is useful for some reason. The list is long.

Total Recall is there to make this easy and simple. It will be out this summer.


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