Windows 10 Creator’s Edition Fall Update

If you are thinking (should you have the option that is) of letting your pc get the fall update for Windows 10 Creator’s edition, then try to delay it. At any rate, before you let it update your computer I would recommend taking a screenshot or photo of the start menu and taskbar first. Why? Because if it happens as it did on my pc, a large number of previously installed apps will disappear. And in my case, I really cannot remember what they were.

One noticeable app that has gone is MSN News. Not a game changer, but strange since it is a Microsoft app. So I added it back in using the store and it is still missing.

The taskbar link to OneNote also reverted to the free version that comes with Windows so I had to remove this and add my own back in again.

I am really unsure what else has gone missing. I guess time will tell as I discover other apps no longer there. I so wish I had a photo of the start screen.

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