Windows 10 Mail

I’ve mentioned before how I was disappointed by many of the features in Mail on Windows 10. Today I decided to take another look and was pleasantly surprised to find many of my dislikes had been addressed.

  • You can now turn off “threaded view” where it lumps together all emails with the same Subject
  • You can see how many unread emails you have in each account.

So I decided to set it up again to try it out. All went well at first until I added the sixth email account (yes I know, I’m greedy). Then, after around 20 minutes it stopped working. Click on the icon, Mail opens. Wait 3 or 4 seconds and it closes again. I tried numerous “fixes” from Microsoft and none have worked so it’s back to the excellent Mozilla Thunderbird.

To be honest, Thunderbird is a far superior product, but more unwieldy and it requires a certain amount of knowledge to get the most from it. It would have been nice to report that Microsoft Windows 10 Mail was now a worthy alternative – perhaps for many it might be.