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Back in the 1980s, when the IBM PC first started to appear, we were known as Almena Software. Our first commercial product was Novacad, one of the first computer aided design (CAD) programs available at a price making it available to schools and small businesses. A follow-up product, Technocad was then developed with more speed and power.

As technology improved and the IBM PC began to be the computer of choice, we continued to develop software for businesses across the UK, as well as designing hardware solutions to solve problems which PCs were then simply not fast enough to manage.

When the internet came along, we continued to remain in the forefront of development and were writing software applications that ran on the internet long before it became fashionable.

Back in 2010 we changed our name to Bydesign Websites but nowadays, our main area of expertise lies in the development of software running in the cloud as well as websites for companies across Europe ranging from small businesses that just need a presence on the internet, up to complex systems with large databases behind them.

A number of internet based products are also in development which will be available in the near future. These include diaries, timesheets, accounts programs as well as more in the pipeline.

We are sure that no matter what you need in the way of an internet or software solution we can supply it.


By Design Websites                 +44 (0)7964 262 288       

By Design Websites        +44 (0)7964 262 288

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